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About Carries Herself

Carries Herself is an online boutique specializing in concealed carry purses.  Here, you can shop for concealed carry purses in many different styles and colors. At Carries Herself, you'll enjoy trendy designs, exceptional quality, free shipping, and no hassle returns.

Our Mission

While we strongly believe in using non-violent tactics if at all possible, we understand it is not always an option.  Our mission is to help women to stay fashionably armed and empowered by offering concealed carry purses that make it easier for armed women to carry concealed and easily access their weapons at critical moments.  

About The Owners

The partners of Carries Herself come from different backgrounds that lead their common support of gun ownership and concealed carry.

About Michelle

Michelle Brown-Green grew up in Indiana with a mother who carried concealed.  Her parents divorced when she was 12 years old.  Indiana law allowed for permitted concealed carry, and Michelle remembers feeling comforted by the fact that her single mother had a measure to protect herself and her four girls if it came down to it. 

There are specific incidents in her life that made her feel particularly unsafe, which further lead to her support of concealed carry.  At age 13, Michelle remembers waking up in the middle of the night and going partially down the steps to see the vcr missing.  She thought possibly her mother had taken it upstairs to watch a video in her room.  Thinking nothing more of it she went back to bed. 

In the morning, she was the first to go downstairs to find that not only was the vcr gone, but the huge floor model tv was now missing.  That's when it dawned on her that she had probably interrupted a robbery in progress.  The robbers were likely lurking somewhere in the house and had she gone all the way downstairs, she would have possibly encountered them.

And then there is the time when she was 19 and went to meetup with some friends from her University at a local bowling alley.  She was the first to arrive and as she opened the first set of doors to the entrance she saw a masked watchman aiming a gun into the bar area of the bowling alley just inside the corridor.  She froze momentarily, contemplating what her next move should be; knowing any subtle movement could result in her being shot.  She opted to back away slowly.  As she moved out of view of the double doors, she heard gunshots ring out and the next thing she knew she was watching the gunman and his accomplice run off in the opposite direction.

Fortunately, Michelle was unharmed in both of these situations, but the experiences certainly made her think about the possibilities of what could have happened and how defenseless she would have been.  Although she would have been too you young to carry concealed in both situations, she believes a person, of an appropriate age, should have the right to carry a weapon for their protection in order to not be left vulnerable.

Every innocent person deserves a fighting chance to come out of a dangerous encounter alive.  Firearms, used responsibly, help level the playing field when facing an attacker with an unfair advantage, and that's why she advocates concealed carry.

About Tamikka

Tamikka Brown-Green, the other half of the partnership, grew up in Illinois with both of her parents in the home.  Her father, a now retired police officer, obviously openly carried a firearm during his service period, so she is no stranger to being around guns.  Her mother, who worked in a government job, also owned a firearm.  

As a child, Illinois law didn't support concealed carry, but it did allow for gun ownership and Tamikka always felt safer knowing she had a father who was professionally trained to use a firearm and a mother who was also protected; even when her father was at work and not able to be home to protect his family.

Tamikka supports responsible gun ownership, but at the same time, she has some reservations about certain types of guns; particularly those frequently used for mass killings.  She believes in gun control, but she does not believe all weapons should be ruled out and people left completely defenseless.

Stay Fashionably Armed

At Carries Herself, we encourage woman to responsibly arm themselves if it helps them to feel safer and sleep better at night. 

Having a weapon on-hand and knowing how to safely use it is important in life-threatening situations, but so is having a safe and efficient way to carry and draw your weapon in those critical moments where every millisecond counts. 

Carries Herself is more than just a retailer of trendy concealed carry purses.  By meeting the CCW needs of women, we help increase the likelihood of women coming out victorious in situations that justify the use of a firearm.  In other words, we help women stand up for themselves.

Use the search box to browse our inventory of concealed carry purses to stay fashionably armed and ready to defend yourself. 

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