Off Duty Cop & Mom Stops Gunman

I don't know if it was a concealed carry purse she was carrying, but it didn't matter for a gunman who attempted to rob a group of young kids.  An off duty cop and mom was in the right place at the right time and was able to stop the perpetrator before any harm could be done to the victims. 

The gunman wasn't as lucky.  He later died from the wounds inflicted on him by this shero.  We hate to see any loss of life, but hopefully it sends a message that not everyone is defenseless; making criminals think twice about preying on innocent people.


Whether you think it's a bad idea to carry in a purse or not, this incident is a good example of how it's good to have access to a weapon, even if it's concealed in a handbag, than having no weapon at all.
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