9 Tips for Off-Body Concealed Purse Carry

In this video Tatyana Gray, the founder to Shootessa, offers up some smart tips for concealed purse carry.  If you're here, it's probably because you purse carry; at least some of the time.  These tips can help you prevent accidents and stay ready for anything.

Take Aways from the Video:

  1. It is better to buy a purse specifically made for concealed carry; rather than trying to make after market adjustments.
  2. Try to buy a purse with ambidextrous access.
  3. Make sure the quality is up to par. Leather or high quality synthetic leather are usually good options. Good quality denim is also a good choice. Make sure the zippers are durable with smooth movement. This is extremely important since you want to be able to easily access your weapon without any delays caused by a faulty zipper.
  4. Make sure the zipper zips down; rather than zipping up or across. A downward zipper makes access easier, which is kind of the point of a concealed carry purse.
  5. Cross-body purses are better than shoulder carry for preventing purse snatching. Many concealed carry purses offer a cross-body shoulder strap attachment.
  6. Look for concealed carry purses with durable handles that are reinforced and will not break-off easily if someone tries to snatch it.
  7. Never leave your purse unattended. This is important for theft prevention and safety if small children are around. When carrying concealed, take your purse with you everywhere you go; even if you are coming right back.
  8. Make sure the purse has a holster; whether it is a removable holster, or a built-in holster like the one's that come standard in Montana West.
  9. Practice drawing your weapon at home or at the range. Drawing a gun from your purse is different from drawing on-body. Therefore, it's best to practice both methods.

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